Who doesn’t like to save money?

At FBN Mailings, Inc. we work directly with the post office. We know exactly what it takes to get your direct mail piece and bulk mailings out in the most efficient and cost effective way.

We print your customers addresses directly on the piece your sending out along with the standard postal barcode. This alone can reduce your price per piece pennies on the dollar!

We can also cut the cost of putting your mailings together. With our high-speed folding, stuffing, sealing and tabbing machinery, our turnover rate can save you precious time and money. More of your employees time can be focused on the bottom line and less on the busy work of getting your mail where it needs to be.

By importing, merging and cleaning your customer databases before sending out your mail piece, we can cut out duplicates going to customers and get rid of unusable addresses. You will have a fine tuned database without all the extra cost. If you don’t have a database in the works, FBN Mailings can build a database specifically to meet your needs and target audiences whether it be locally or nationally.

“TVRC Education Foundation has been working with FBN since 2001. Working with a local business that is flexible and who cares about their client's needs is what keeps us coming back year after year." Ryan